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Re-Calibrate Trigger Area / Trigger Area is not Flat

Alice Chang
on 11/26/18, 3:52 PM 3,275 views

I am trying to dimension an object / parcel. I placed it within the blue trigger area, but dimension reading indicates 0. The status indicates "Re-calibrate Trigger Area" or "Trigger area is not flat / clear objects".
The most common causes are:

  1. Object is in trigger area. Clear all objects from the trigger area and wait for application to calibrate to the trigger area. If status remains the same after 5 seconds, follow this guide to set trigger area.

  2. Trigger area has moved. If the trigger area is a scale, the scale may have moved away from the trigger area. Move the scale back into the trigger area and the dimension will automatically re-calibrate to the scale.

  3. Trigger area is not flat / reflective. Follow this guide to setup Tricolops dimensioner with an uneven / reflective surface.

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Asked: 11/26/18, 3:52 PM
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